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We are increasingly living in a time when the government is looking for a solution to the social challenges in collaboration with its environment. Preferably a solution that everyone can agree with. This means looking for partnerships, including with the market parties with whom the government concludes contracts for the realisation of its objectives. In order to bring about this collaboration, tenders are increasingly used as a form of dialogue.


In order to have a successful Dialogue you have to take into account a number of points of attention, such as transparency, equal treatment and confidentiality. But how does that work in practice?
To answer this question, we have developed a dialogue simulation, so that you are better prepared to conduct a tender with a competitive dialogue.

Outcome of the simulation
The participants in this simulation go through all phases of a dialogue in a short period of time and find out how best to deal with the points of interest and thus get the most added value from the dialogue.
At the end of the day the participants know what it means to have a competitive dialogue, from theory, the do's and don'ts to the actual conduct of the dialogue.
For example, it is an ideal start to bring a project team that is going to conduct a competitive dialogue up to speed.
The simulation is based on years of experience and projects that have done competitive dialogues.

“Wow. What an intense day. I didn't know what to expect. That became clear to me in one day.”

Process of the simulation
The simulation is about the municipality of Dryland. The municipality wants to develop a Smart City and has therefore launched a tender to establish a public-private partnership.
During the dialogue, the participants represent either the municipality or a consortium participating in the dialogue. At the end, everyone is curious to know who the winning Tenderer will be.
The case is based on a successfully completed tender by the municipality of Hilversum, a city and municipality in the province of North Holland, Netherlands.

Are you interested?

Are you curious whether this simulation is suitable for your project (team) and tender?